Get Sexy for the Summer with Free Apps

7 Jun


Summer is officially here and some of us are dreading it. Why?

We failed to keep our New Year’s resolution.  Well, I have good news.  During the entire summer I’ll be tweeting interesting facts and tips on how to stay fit. This may come as no surprise to you, but most Americans are battling obesity. The issue has become an opportunity for many fitness organizations to launch campaigns that provide awareness and guidance on how to live a healthy life.

If you are a consumer the opportunity to become educated on living a fit lifestyle has become very accessible.

“If you seek you shall find.”

The weight-loss industry has become so massive that companies are finding the best way to lure potential clients is a giving a little away for free. In other words they are allowing you to test drive their routines and products.

Here are a few Apps and Websites that are free and beneficial to your weight-loss goals:

1. Nike Training Club

The app is available through iTunes. It is like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. The best part is it is absolutely free. The workouts are no child play to be ready to work.

2. Myfitnesspal

Myfitnesspal is a calorie counter that helps alleviate the burden of having to know the calorie intake of everything you eat. You just add the information into the calorie counter and everything is calculated for you. The program is available through iTunes, Android apps, and through the website.


The calorie-counter app is available through the iPhone, the Web, Blackberry, Android and iPads. The program has over 250,000 listed in their database.

4. provides a free diet and weight-loss journal that is available on the Web, iPhone or iPod. It gives you the opportunity to track your progress and count you calories for absolutely free.

5 . Fitness Brands Kicking Butt on Social Media

The key to losing weight is not guaranteed by the products but by your dedication.  Thanks to modern technology educating yourself on how to live a healthier lifestyle is free and massive. So, I encourage you to take the initiative and start living a healthier fit life.


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