Memo: Hygiene Is Required At The Gym

6 Apr

Now, let me start by saying this…Hygiene is important at all times. Keeping yourself clean is good for your health and others as well.

However, there are some people who failed to receive the memo on gym hygiene etiquette. So, for those you who are already familiar with the rules , please copy the rules and hand it to someone who did not get the memo.

Here are the rules:

  1. Bathe or give yourself a bird bath before going to the gym. The key is to limit the amount of odor ( funk) your body exhume. Spare others by washing up and putting a deodorant that is strong enough for you whether your a man or woman. Please.
  2. Wash your hands and sanitize them. The gym is almost always found indoors, filled with massive amount of body heat. Heat and movement creates opportunity for bodies to secrete sweat and possibly others matters.  To prevent cross-contamination it’s best to keep your hands clean as often as possible. In other words don’t share the germs.
  3. Please wipe the equipments with disinfectant when your done. Bacterial  infections are no joke. Before and after your workout is best to make sure  the mat , dumbbell , bench or treadmill is wiped and disinfected.
  4. Keep your distance from others if you are sick. Honestly, you should have stayed home or choose an alternate workout plan. The gym environment is not  sterile, and having a common cold could create a epidemic if your not careful. MRSA is real. Having an open wound or leaving a used towel can create havoc.
  5. Clean your workout clothes or have more than one attire. There are some of you who like to wear the same attire every day. There’s nothing wrong with that if it didn’t smell like it did the last time you wore it (musky). Depending on your workout frequency, you will need to wash your attire with a strong detergent. If you need further tips I recommend viewing an interesting article from Don’t just read it, do it.

Please understand this entry is not offend anyone. However, if you are failing to follow these rules you are offending your peers at the gym. Let’s workout in harmony and keep the gym, the equipments, and yourselves clean.


2 Responses to “Memo: Hygiene Is Required At The Gym”

  1. Gladys April 11, 2012 at 3:17 am #

    That is so true. I love the article is so hilarious.

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