Don’t Let Your Pockets Keep You UnHealthy

12 Mar


Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last six years, you have most likely experienced the effects of a failed economy. Many of us lost our jobs, dignity, and faith. Our pockets got tight and privileges like a gym membership, vacations,  miscellaneous trips to the mall faded. Things changed drastically. The last thing you have is time to consumed with is keeping fit. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables became costly bonus. The goal went from keeping your diet healthy to having one at all. Speaking from my personal experience, I know how painful it is to buy items sale versus just buying the healthier alternative.

However, if there is one thing this economy has provided me, aside from the skill of saving, is to prioritize. The task of making a anything a priority removes the mental stronghold that prevents you from conquering it. The very minute you understand that your health is above all, you begin to make smarter choices and even with a tight budget. I speak from experience.

How you ask ? 

If you take a close look at the the flyers that come in every week in the mailbox. You will find advertising for local markets that will have fresh produce on sale. The Sunday paper provides coupons if you are a savvy shopper can most like help alleviate  the cost of canned and boxed goods leaving room for other items on your shopping list.

There is also the option to go to your nearest farmer’s market. If you’ve never been, you will fall in love. The produce is fresh and for the most part as organic as they can get. The best part is their prices a fairly inexpensive.

The goal is to make yourself a priority. Once you do that your mind starts to remove all the matters trying to prevent you from being the healthiest you.


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